Small Groups & Other Ministries


Support Ministries

All of the support ministries at New Faith Baptist Church are in the process of growth and expansion. We know that we will grow as you participate and exercise your spiritual gifts.

Please pray for the expansion of our ministries as we continue to serve you.

If you have a support ministry you’d like to see established, please let us know.


Men’s group

We welcome all men in the church to meet on the first Saturday of each month at Wanda’s in Weatherford at 8:00.

Women’s group

The women meet monthly, usually the third Thursday at 11:30 at various restaurants in the area. Be sure to check the bulletin and make plans to join them.

Sunday School

The Sunday School class meets each Sunday at 10:00. Everyone is welcome.


Billy Dowd, who leads the churche’s music program, is constantly looking for applicants to participate in the church choir. Feel free to speak to Billy and join in the singing.

Small Groups

We are looking at establishing small support groups as soon as we can. If you’re interested in sponsoring a small group at your home, please speak to Chuck Cox to discuss what may be available.


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